Web Site Design

Our skilled web site designers will create a web site that will be based around your corporate image, allowing your website not just to be an on-line advert but to be a natural extension of your company.

Our bespoke web development goes beyond beautiful imagery and will take your on-line objectives to the maximum, utilising a variety of technologies and skills to produce the exact image and experience your company requires.

We have an in-depth understanding of the design, technological and marketing processes required to help companies define their strategy and deliver website solutions that reap the benefits available on the Internet today.

Flash Design:
Macromedia Flash creates rich Internet content, Powerful video, multimedia and application development features allow the creation of rich user interfaces.

Your website needs to be fast to be effective. The Web is frustratingly slow at times, so our sites are designed for maximum effect with minimum waiting. If your site doesn't appear on screen fast enough, your competitors are just a click away.

Ease of use:
Our sites consist of clear and concise navigational system. Good design establishes an environment, which is logical and does not confuse the visitor. We also try to develop websites that are accessible to all visitors, including those who are visually impaired.

So whether you have an existing website or you are completely new to the Internet, if you want personal, friendly, expert website services, Wizzegroup can help you and your business grow on the Internet.