Web Site Maintenance

To direct traffic to your website requires a lot of effort. Your website is part of the dynamic virtual world of the Internet which if left will stagnate. After all your business constantly evolves to match the way the market changes, your website must do the same.
In order to combat this Wizzegroup has a list of procedures that clients can choose from and schedule according to their needs. This creates a truly unique system to ensure the website does not stagnate.

  • Regular Maintenance Checks preformed by Wizzegroup.
  • Updates to site content by Wizzegroup.
  • Updates to site design by Wizzegroup
  • Optimised pages for all of the major search engines, based on 5 targeted keyword phrases.
  • Hand submission of your site with the "big 10" search engines and constant monitoring of your site.
  • Immediate re-optimisation and submission of web pages
    Weekly promotion to 3500 search engines
  • Content management systems (CMS)

Without fresh relevant content being uploaded to the site on a regular basis there is no reason for anyone to return to your website. This has presented a problem as it has involved the client having to continuously return to the site designer to implement even the smallest content change. The CMS works by the front end of the site pulling the content (images, text, video, sound) directly from a central database. The content of the database is managed via the CMS.
Our CMS can be configured to do whatever you wish it to do. In essence it can provide you with the ability to update all image, text and streaming content on the site if required. The important point to take on board here is that the client does not need to have any technical knowledge of HTML or web based programming to be able to use the system. The system is browser driven and is password protected and all the user needs to be able to do technically is to be able to use a word processing package such as Word.