Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

85% of all traffic to websites come from search engines, are you or your company using the full potential of the search engines?

Without search engine presence your website will fail, unless your company has a large marketing budget to spend on promoting your website.

Since being in operation Wizzegroup have tried and tested all ways and means of promotional techniques, so we are confident that we deliver your search engine results.

We work under one basic premise...If we can get your site listed on the major search engines under powerful keywords, then you will see more traffic. More traffic equals more sales, and that is what we want for you!

To make sure your site is submitted successfully Wizzegroup performs the following tasks:

  • Search Engine Optimisation - Detailed analysis of website and report on potential listing problem areas; full configuration and submission strategy recommendations including: keyword / phrase research and recommendations, META tags, copy and title amendments, draft copy for directory submissions, list of most important search engines to target and submission schedule.
  • Internet Marketing - Requires a minimum six-month commitment - it is rare to see overnight success with the search engines and usually requires an initial programme of tweaking and resubmission. Wizzepromo will submit your web pages to over 1,000 search engines a day including major engines like Yahoo! & Google, and to make sure you are added to the major search engines databases we will hand submit your site ourselves.
  • Monitoring - Once submitted we will monitor the positioning for specified keywords, tweaking where possible and resubmitting as necessary. You will receive a monthly report to show you which search engines your site has been successfully added to.

So not only do you need your website in the search engines, but you need to be placed high up in the rankings. And with the services and attention Wizzegroup offers we believe we can deliver the results.