With more than one in three homes in the UK having Internet access and 75% of these Internet users visiting websites with E-Commerce facilities. This offers your business access to a rapidly increasing number of customers. Now if this is true for the UK, imagine the growth across the world.

How can your business benefit from e-commerce?

  • Expand globally without the stress and expense of opening offices across the world.
  • Advertise your products 24 hours a day across the world.
  • Make your product information available to individuals and businesses worldwide.
  • The ability to updated product and pricing information at any time.
  • Generate more business by widening your customer base.
  • Being able to take orders and new business enquiries even @ midnight.
  • Reduce the cost of sales.

In order to provide a vehicle capable of achieving all of this Wizzegroup created a partnership with Actinic. Winner of numerous awards, Actinic is the UK market-leader of e-commerce software for small and medium businesses. Actinic continues to build on the success and features of earlier software and allows the online merchants to integrate e-commerce into other existing business systems to create a true e-business, all by combining advanced server software and easy to use desktop interface. Whether you are a new small business with a unique product that has worldwide potential, or a prominent UK charity that wants to sell goods and equipment to improve the quality of life of those who are some way impaired, Actinic provides the necessary tool.

"Everything you need for the most fully-featured store in the world." Practical Internet November 2002

“E-commerce software chases the lead taken by Actinic." PC Plus February 2003.